Kilcoy, QLD, Tradition and the importance of generational family

You know, the title of this blog really leaves nothing to the imagination. I am right in the middle of a family tradition. For 12 times in the past 15 years, the  male cousins on my mothers side of the family have  out a weekend to spend time together, have a few beers and have a bit of fun.

Right now I sitting on the balcony of the Exchange Hotel, a 110 year old hotel that overlooks the main road of the town of Kilcoy, in Queensland. Most of the 14 cousins got a cheap flight out of Melbourne early Friday night. A few family members  were unable to make it for various reasons which has reduced our numbers but has not dampened the experience.

As a family group, we endeavour to get together once a year for this event, which is always at least one night away, in a low key tourist location. The purpose is to get together and make and share good memories.

This Cousins Weekend will be no different!

It has really got me thinking about family traditions, generational relationships and how important they both are to celebrating all that family can be.

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